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Holistic Pets Immune Support

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This nano supplement for pets contains a blend of essential oils and plant extracts that support a healthy immune system and lymphatic drainage for your furry friends.

Holistic Pets Immune Support aids in creating an environment within your pet where bacteria and parasite infections are not able to grow. These essential oils and plant extracts are carefully blended with trace elements to provide a powerful support structure for your pet's immune system.

Size: 1 ounce / 30 ml

Summary of Benefits:

  • Strengthens your pet's immune system
  • Provides necessary trace elements for optimum health
  • Powerful, all-natural support

Directions for Use:

Add 5 drops in each 16 oz of water that your pet drinks.


Antioxidant mineral water, essential oils of Cinnamon, Oregano, Mint and Neem suspended in a plant-derived, nano-emulsion.

About These Ingredients:

Cinnamomum cassia (Cinnamon) oil: First recorded in Egypt around 4,000 BC, cinnamon is one of the oldest spices used by humans. Originally part of the embalming process, later used in perfumery and most commonly as a culinary spice, cinnamon's rich history in medicine is not to be overlooked. Medicinally, high quality cinnamon oil can yield benefits within days—including decreased inflammation, increased circulation, and providing defense against free radicals in the body. In addition to relieving depression, cinnamon oil stimulates the immune system, balances blood sugar, and gives the body an energy boost.

Origanum vulgare (Oregano) oil: Used by humans for approximately 4,000 years and reputedly created by the Goddess Aphrodite as a symbol of happiness, the Greeks named this medicinal plant Oreganos, meaning “Joy of the Mountains.” Anyone who has seen or smelled the Oregano-covered hills and mountains of the Mediterranean during springtime can confirm its sweet, herbaceous smell. It was used widely by the Greeks and later the Roman empire to flavor fish, meat, and even wine. As a medicinal, Oregano oil is antiviral, fights infection, protects against harmful organisms, improves digestion, supports healthy menstrual function, supports immunity to allergies, increases weight loss, and combats cold and flu.

Mentha arvensis (Mint) oil: Used by humans for approximately 2,000 years for everything from swollen gums, ulcers and arthritis pain, to a digestive aid, nausea relief, and the treatment of headaches, depression, asthma, and memory loss. Mentha arvensis, also known as field mint, corn mint, and wild mint is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Azadirachta indica (Neem) oil: The history of the Neem tree is as old as India itself. Neem has been used as a medicine, a nutritional supplement, and a culinary ingredient; it has been used in agriculture as a fertilizer and pesticide and in livestock production as a protein source. It has also found uses in beauty products. Medicinally, Neem is antiviral, anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-diabetic, and a blood purifier. It has been used to treat malaria, diabetes, and more than 100 other common ailments.