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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does Health Tonic taste bad?

A: Health tonic has a large amount of active ingredients that have a very strong taste, to cover up these flavors we would have to add a lot of sweetner and we feel that degrades the product and is counterproductive. If you struggle with the taste of Health Tonic you can add 10 drops to every glass or bottle of water that you drink. You can slowly increase the amount as you get more used to it. 

Q: Is Nano Immune the same as Health Tonic


A: No, you will not get the detox benefits from Nano Immune, It was meant to be a maintenance product, or strictly for keeping the immune system high. You will get some of the alkalizing benefits but not all of them. 

Q: How much is 10ml? 

A: 10ml is 1 teaspoon. You can take 2 teaspoons 3 times a day for the cleanse, or 2 teaspoons once a day for maintenance.  

Q: Can I take your products with other supplements or medications?

A: YES, we recommend not taking the health tonic within 1 hour of medications because it may make them too strong. Natural herbal supplements can be taken at the same time. 

Q: Why do I need to wait an hour before eating? 

A: Health Tonic is highly alkaline and may neutralize your stomach acids reducing your bodies ability to digest food properly. By waiting 1 hour you are giving your body enough time to build up stomach acids to properly digest, or finish digesting food.  

Q: Are Essential Oils Edible?

A: Yes! Essential oils are edible, but they must be consumed in the right amounts to be therapeutic—too much can be harmful to the body. The two largest essential oil companies in the United States—Young Living and DoTerra—both have essential oil supplements.

Essential oils are quickly gaining traction in the natural health market for the speed of their effectiveness. By 2035, the essential oil industry may be a leader in natural health. Nature Reigns' proprietary essential oil formula converts essential oils into salts, making the oils 96% more bio-available (readily absorbed) in the body than an oil.

Q: What is a nano-serum?

A: A nano-serum is a combination of plant extracts that innately break each other down into their most basic form. Once this is done they form a synergistic relationship and work together to break down anything they come in contact with—thus reduce it to its smallest size, which we call nano-encapsulation. The particles in the serum surround and coat each particle in the formula's oils and extracts, which prevents them from sticking to each other, and keeps them in perfect suspension.

Q: What are therapeutic quality essential oils?

A: There are no government organizations that classify the quality of essential oils, so we do independent verification to ensure purity. When sourcing an essential oil, we look for the following things:

  • A certificate of analysis that looks for the presence of pesticide residue, solvents or dilutants.
  • A certificate of origin showing the method and location of harvesting, as well as the extraction method. Some oils have more medicinal value when extracted with supercritical co2, and others are stronger when steam distilled.
  • We also prefer to support small family owned suppliers with a history of quality production.

Q: Is it safe to ingest essential oils?

A: 100% pure essential oils are safe in very small doses and only when diluted. Pure essential oils are 1000 times stronger than raw plant material and should be used with caution. All of our consumable products that contain essential oils are safe up to a 30 day supply ingested in 1 day. Above that, one would experience diarrhea and what is referred to as a healing crisis.

Q: What is a healing crisis?

A: A healing crisis occurs when the body has a lot to clean out. It usually happens within the first few days of a detox or cleanse, and can last for 3-5 days. The severity depends on what is being cleaned out.

Often it happens when someone has a tremendous amount of pathogens that die off and release gasses into the blood stream, thus making you feel sick. It can also happen when you have had some kind of toxic exposure in the past that has left traces of chemicals in your body. Vietnam veterans who were exposed to agent orange are one example of this.

When you experience a healing crisis, we recommend that you reduce the frequency of your detox from three times a day to once a day until it subsides, then gradually increase again every three days until you are taking a full dose.

Q: What are holistic health products?

A: Holistic health products are products that take the need for balance into consideration. The balance between Mind, Body, and Spirit. At Nature Reigns, all of our products are formulated with positive frequency ingredients that bring a sense of relaxation and well-being to anyone who uses them.

Q: What is a Nutriceutical?

A: Nutriceutical is a combination of the words nutrition and pharmaceutical. It pertains to products that contain nutrients, supplements and herbs that have effects on health.

Q: Can holistic products work as fast as conventional health products?

A: Yes, in some cases nutriceutical products can work even faster, with little to no negative side effects. When used in conjunction with conventional western medicine, they can also reduce the negative side effects of the western medicines.

Q: Are your products organic?

A: Yes, all of our ingredients are sourced from suppliers who sustainably wild harvest, or cultivate without the use of petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides. They are not certified organic due to the hefty costs associated with registration.

Q: Do you sell to distributors?

A: Yes we offer bulk rates to customers who would like to sell our products through their own sales channels. We also offer an affiliate program to encourage small business growth.

Q: Are your products guaranteed?

A: Absolutely! we guarantee satisfaction on all of our products or we will issue you a full refund. However we ask that you use the product for the full 90 days first, to give your body a chance to see the benefits.

Q: Are your products only available online?

A: No, We have more than 30 retail outlets globally that carry many of our products. Please contact us for the closest distributor to your location.

Q: Why is pH balance so important?

A: The human body operates perfectly at a pH of 7.653. Due to our modern lifestyle and eating habits, the majority of our food and beverages are acidic. This forces your body to work harder in order to stay in a healthy range. Nature Reigns products have an alkaline pH level, this high pH assists your body so that it can use its energy for more productive things like fixing damaged cells.

Q: Why are minerals so important?

A: Your body contains over 70,000 miles of nerves. Signals are sent from your brain to your muscles via these nerves. Just as distilled water cannot conduct electricity, a body depleted of minerals cannot send signals.

Contrary to popular belief, your body does not use the minerals from food in the same fashion that it uses minerals from water. They each have their own purposes. Your body is dependent on soluble minerals in the water you drink, in order to function properly.

Q: What is the best kind of drinking water?

A: The best drinking water has a rich mineral profile, and is completely void of chlorine, toxins and human hormones that are not filtered out of municipal drinking water.

Q: Why do I need to drink purified water?

A: There is not enough space on this page to list the toxins in tap water. From the hormones in sanitary napkins to the drugs and dirty needles that get flushed down the toilet, our tap water is laden with things that we do not want in our bodies. If there is only one thing that you take away from this website, please drink clean purified water with added minerals. Clean water is the building block of human life and your body will thank you for the effort.

Q: Who owns Nature Reigns?

A: Nature Reigns is a family owned business built on more than 30 years of experience in holistic and natural health. From growing herb and vegetable gardens, to herbal remedies for our children and grandchildren, we thrive on new and exciting ways to improve our lives naturally. Between the four Dacre children, there were only two doctor visits in the 20 years they were at home with their parents.

In 2009, we discovered a revolutionary combination of plant extracts that we called the nano-serum. This powerful nano-serum breaks down plant extracts to their smallest possible size, allowing them to be absorbed by every cell in your body, within a very short amount of time, delivering the macro and micro nutrients that the human body needs to build new, healthier cells. This is how our products achieve such remarkable results in so little time.

The testimonies we receive from our customers are life-changing stories of success, achieved in a very short amount of time using our unique herbal formulations.

Nature Reigns continues to remain on the cutting edge of organic nanochemistry, with ongoing research dedicated to providing the human body with the tools it needs to repair itself. Our unique natural health products are designed to support the body's innate healing ability, and nurture every cell in your body, from head to toe.

Our range of products includes:

  • Natural cell regenerating skin care
  • Herbal stress and anxiety relief
  • Natural detox
  • Herbal Immune support
  • Natural mineral supplements

All of our formulations are hand-crafted and contain pure essential oils and plant extracts. We use no synthetic fragrances, preservatives, or animal-tested ingredients, the only non-vegan ingredient we use is sustainably-harvested beeswax.