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3 Health Tonic+ and 1 FREE Reign Drops - 1 Month Cleanse

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This package contains a combination of two products for a one-month cleanse to help remove environmental toxins and stimulate the regeneration of healthy cells to replace old damaged cells.

 Warning: We recently made a fresh batch of Health Tonic with new oils. Some of the oils such as the clove are very potent. It is advised to take half of the regular recommended dose. 

The pH of the human body is slightly alkaline, with a normal range of 7.35-7.45. This slightly alkaline pH is important for maintaining the health of cells and tissues in the body.

An overly acidic pH can interfere with the body's ability to function properly and can lead to a number of health issues. For example, an acidic environment in the body can make it more difficult for the body to absorb essential nutrients from food, and can also impair the function of enzymes and other proteins that are necessary for many of the body's processes.

In addition, an acidic pH can also make the body more susceptible to illness and disease. Some research suggests that cancer cells may thrive in an acidic environment, so maintaining a slightly alkaline pH may help to support the body's natural defenses against disease.

Overall, it is important to maintain a slightly alkaline pH in the body to support good health and well-being.

Health Tonic+ (formerly known as Omega 48) was the first product we developed over 7 years ago. It is a combination of 13 plant extracts and essential oils that detoxes the body in high doses and supports the body's innate healing ability in low doses. It is used by customers as complementary medicine, as a daily immune support product, as part of a cardiovascular health program, and everything in between. It truly is a one-stop-shop for increased health and fitness.


Each package contains 3 bottles of Health Tonic+ (8.4 fl oz | 250ml each) and 1 bottle of Reign Drops Mineral Concentrate (1 fl oz | 30ml).

Health Tonic + Usage Recommendations:

We recommend starting with an initial detox protocol of 10 ml 3 times per day. At this rate, 1 bottle will last you 9 days. Once you have finished all three bottles, as long as you have no acute health conditions, you may then begin a 10 ml once per day maintenance dose.

Reign Drops Mineral Concentrate Recommendations:

During your detox, we recommend you drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water containing Reign Drops Mineral Concentrate. Add 3 drops to each glass of purified drinking water. This will help your body remove cellular, prevent your body from flushing out nutrients that are essential during the detox period, and provide a rich mineral profile that will assist your body in building new cells.

Product Appearance:

Health Tonic+ is a dark liquid that will change color over time due to the essential oils oxidizing, it is a bitter liquid solution containing plant extracts suspended in purified, deionized, reverse osmosis water that has gone through a magnetic vortex to clear its cellular memory of toxins and chemicals. It is then re-mineralized with Himalayan minerals to produce the highest quality water available on the market

Health Tonic is a very strong tasting product. If you are not able to stomach the suggested serving, you can add 5-10 drops to each glass or bottle of water you drink throughout the day. You can increase the amount of drops every week until you are able to take the suggested serving. Or continue with the drops indefinitely.

Directions for Use:

Health Tonic+ can be taken by anyone age 5 years and older. The older you are, the more benefits you will get from having clean, rejuvenated blood and healthy vibrant cells in every corner of your body.

Children age 5-10: mix 2.5 ml of Health Tonic+ with half a cup of water or juice once a day.

Children age 10-15: mix 5 ml with 1 cup of water 1-2 times per day.

Adults - Initial 3 bottle detox period: Take 10 ml 3 times per day either in concentrated form or diluted with a glass of water or juice. This will give your body a much-needed immune boost and put your body into a state of detox that can be maintained with the preventative dose.

Adults - Preventative: 5-10 ml once a day depending on diet, physical exertion & environmental factors.

Adults - Acute: 10 ml 1-3 times a day depending on diet, physical exertion, and environmental factors.

We do not recommend Health Tonic+ be taken by pregnant or breast-feeding women unless they have already completed at least a 3 bottle detox prior to becoming pregnant. It is not recommended to detox in any form while pregnant or breast-feeding. However, if you have completed a 3-6 bottle cycle and maintained a 10 ml per day serving of Health Tonic+ prior to becoming pregnant, the additional minerals and plants extracts may be beneficial to you and your baby. As always consult your health care professional to ensure you are in good health.


Oregano oil, Neem oil, Mint oil, Cinnamon oil, Coconut oil, Chrysanthemum tea, Kelp powder, Cedar oil, Citronella oil, Garlic oil, Geranium oil, Lemongrass oil and Himalayan minerals blended in a proprietary suspension and bottled with pure Ionic Antioxidant water.