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Essentials Bundle

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The essential bundle has several products that should always be within arms reach. 

  1. 8oz Reign Drops. A combination of 84 essential micro and macro-nutrients + electrolytes that give the body energy and feed the cells. This product can be added to any beverage to increase flavor and softness, and crate an artisinal mineral water. Best used in filtered water.
  2. External Aches and Pains, containing the wonder ingredient camphor, responsible for the menthol scent in Vicks vapor rub, Tiger Balm, and many other icy-hot type products. Perfect for achy muscles and soothing and relaxing joint pain. 
  3. Skin Care+ with Neem. Used by many customers recovering from skin cancer and many other forms of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 
  4. Nasal Spray. A wonderful essential oil-based spray with sea salts and colloidal silver that release congestion from sinuses and nasal passages. 
  5. Focus+. A gentle, natural relaxant that brings peace of mind to people who are recovering from stress and anxiety. Focus helps to calm the mind and provide a space of mental clarity.