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Customized Supplement

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Welcome to Custome Complete, a dietary supplement tailored specifically to your needs. Nature Reigns is proud to partner with Alive 4 Health, a technology, and nutraceutical company that has developed the process that we use. 

Custom complete can be built in two ways, the first and most comprehensive way is to have a Quantum cell scan done on your body by clicking this link, The scan will go through every cell in your body and tell us exactly what nutrients your body is missing, it will build a full list of priorities in your body and select products from our database, as well as a custom formula if your body needs it.

The Quantum cell scan is the best way to get the perfect custom formula for your body. 

The second way to have a custom supplement built is to fill out the below symptom survey. This will give our health-care practitioners a better idea of your needs. After you submit the form we will be in contact with you too discuss your results.