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Colon Cleanse

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A gentle yet complete colon cleanse!


Colon Cleanse is a powerful new release (Pardon the pun) with key ingredients like Superoxide Dismutase, Aloe forex from South Africa, Alfalfa, and black walnut hull, just to name a few. 


  • Remove the mucoid plaque that prevents nutrient absorption
  • Open the pathways to detox your body
  • Can be used daily to stay regular

Our most comprehensive formula with over 25 ingredients has an efficacy score of 458% effective at colon cleansing. 

How should you take it?

Start off with 1 capsule at night before bed with a full glass of water for 2 days, then go to 2 capsules a day for the rest of the bottle.

Most people notice a difference in bowel movements the morning after the first pill. 

in extreme cases where there is compaction and very pore bowel movements, 3 capsules MAY be needed for a few days, but never start off with 3 unless you are able to stay very close to home. 


What to expect

  • slow and steady progress in removing years of stored waste
  • Some weight loss
  • More energy
  • Better nutrient absorption

Don't be alarmed if you see something extra after a bowel movement


What's in it? 

Psyllium husk, Guar gum, Cascara sagrada, Senna leaf, Celery, Cinnamon bark, Ginger root, Prune, Rasberry leaf, Alfalfa areal parts, Aloe vera, Black walnut hull, Buchu, Barberry root, Citrus pectin, Dandelion areal parts, Echinacea, Licorice root, Marshmallow root, French green clay, Uva-ursa, Yellow dock, Aloe forex, Garlic, Cayenne pepper, Superoxide dismutase, Peppermint leaf, L-cystine.