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Quantum Cellular Scan

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The Quantum Cellular Scan is a device that can be used by doctors, nurses and health-care professionals to get a better understanding of the cellular health of their patients and clients. 

This scan will soon be made available to the public, but for now, we need more health-care professionals to be trained to use the device so that we can be better serve the public at large. 

The first step if you would like to become part of the Nature Reigns Health-Care Professional Alliance is.


  1. Buy your bone-conducting headset on Amazon at this link
  2. Book your initial scan on this page
  3. Wait for Shelly to contact you with an appointment
  4. Decide after your scan if it is something you would like training in
  5. Pay the $1,500 for training on the Quantum Cellular Scan 

After ordering your headset, please purchase your initial scan and stand by for your appointment. Please leave your phone number so we can easily contact you.