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Introduction Bundle

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Our Introduction Bundle

We put this bundle together to introduce you to some of our favorite products. The Nano Immune is a capsule version of our flagship product Health Tonic that has a very strong herbal flavor. Although we do recommend that you use Health Tonic, it's a bit much for a first-timer. 

The Focus is a great product for everyone from stay-at-home parents with their hands full with the kids all day, to lawyers and doctors, and anyone who needs a little help focusing in a high-stress environment. The Colon Cleanse is a great introduction to detoxing the body, it helps to gently clean the colon and promote gut health.

The Nasal Spray is a must-have for every home, it's our 2nd fastest moving product containing nano-encapsulated essential oils and supports your sinuses through allergies, winters, and everything in between. Reign Drops is a mineral and electrolyte supplement that can be added to everything you drink to improve the flavor and the mineral content, helping with cellular hydration.

Skin care with neem is a wonderful salve that can be used as a nightly moisturizer and skin protector. It helps with dark patches and soothes and nourishes the skin.