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Nature Reigns Food Sovereignty Club

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Welcome, to the Nature Reigns Food Sovereignty Club. 

This club is a monthly membership club that offers some unique benefits to its members. Our vision for this club is to increase knowledge and awareness of our ability to cultivate food at home.

Membership Includes

  • Access to a private telegram group where we share information and instructional videos on the following topics
  1. Composting
  2. Worm composting
  3. Electroculture
  4. Reducing / Eliminating pesticide use
  5. Small-scale food forest
  6. Permaculture
  7. Homemade fertilizer
  8. Food sovereignty
  9. Micro farming
  • 1 packet of Heirloom seeds per month with planting instructions and medicinal/ health benefits
  • Video instructions on the following topics 
  1. Canning
  2. Pickling
  3. Preserving harvests