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Healing Transformations - For Health

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Sample of Healing Transformations
Healing Transformations For Health consists of 7 Powerful Energetic Processes to help shift your health to the next level, guided by their creator Kiki Theo.
In this audio process, you will get 
3x processes to release and clear,
3x processes to strengthen and build and
1x process that puts it all together.
Healing Transformations will help you transform beliefs, obstacles, and connections that may be standing in the way of total health, leaving you lighter and more inspired.
We will open up the space for, and create your container of health and healing,
We will renew faith and trust, and
We will balance the elements leaving you joyful and grounded.
Finally, we will anchor health and healing in an inspiring journey,
leaving you feeling expansive and connected.
Authors Bio: Kiki Theo is a wealth expansion author and facilitator, healer, businesswoman, wife, and mother. She bridges the worlds of ordinary and nonordinary reality with her unique energetic transformations that shift patterns, beliefs, and obstacles on the level of energy. Kiki has been helping individuals and companies thrive for over 15 years, based on her own successful experience and gifts as an alchemical intuitive.

A FREE audiobook on Healing Transformations can be downloaded from the author's website at This Link. Use the code SPIRITHEALS at checkout to get the download for free.